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Receivership Testimonials

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“Jack did an excellent job for us as a receiver on two separate cases. He carefully and efficiently handled all aspects of each case, from investigating and resolving all financial issues and disbursements to satisfying a variety of lienholders to updating all incomplete accounting and tax filings. His expert negotiating skills enabled him to resolve a thorny tenant issue, and allow a building to be sold without encumbrances. He updated the building’s insurance, paid back taxes, analyzed the appraisal and had the building sold for a good price. In both occasions, Jack maximized the proceeds to the investors. I highly recommend Jack as a receiver.”
Bill Cooper, Esquire (Cooper, Ridge & Safi, P.A.)

"I am very pleased to recommend Jack Meeks and his team. We engaged Jack Meeks as Receiver to help us resolve a problem loan with a swimsuit catalogue company. Jack hired his team (Jack Meeks & Associates, CPAs, LLC) to help with the accounting and financial control aspects. Jack and his team produced results well in excess of our expectations. The receivership involved the running of the catalogue business, negotiations for sale of the business and negotiations for the rental of the building. Jack and his team successfully completed all receivership functions. Ultimately, we received several million dollars in excess of what we had expected to receive. This was accomplished based on the good work of Jack, his team and the other professionals who assisted. I would be pleased to discuss this further should the need arise."
(Robert T. Sacks, Principal, American Capital Strategies Ltd.)

"A am pleased to recommend Jack Meeks as a recevier/manager. Jack and his team were recommended to us when we were searching for a receiver in real estate foreclosure. The project required the receiver to deal with construction, homeowner relations, leasing, property maintenance and legal/court proceedings. Jack and his team invested the time to understand and assess the project. They established procedures, budgeting and managed all aspects of the project thoroughly and efficiently. Reporting requirements were timely and accurate. Their efforts substantially reduced our administrative time. Their recommendations and attention to detail helped us preserve and enhance our position in a very difficult situation. I would use Jack Meeks and his team again."
(Eric P. Swanson, First Vice President, BB Syndication Services, Inc.)

"When our bank recently needed a receiver, Jack Meeks & Associates came highly recommended. We knew them to be a very good accounting firm, so we were comfortable engaging them for the receivership. With their excellent technical work and communication, they exceeded our high expectations."
(Chip Townsend, President/CEO, Chairman, First Coast Community Bank)

"I've worked with Jack Meeks for over 15 years as a client, trustee and expert witness. His integrity and professionalism are beyond reproach. He cares about getting the job done right. His work is always high quality and I have referred him to others."
(Lanny Russell, Partner, Smith Hulsey & Busey)

"As a trial attorney for the past 21 years, I've worked with many expert witnesses. Jack Meeks is one of the best I've ever used. He communicates well with the jury, he's able to articulate accounting concepts in a very understandable manner and he's very personable. He's definitely not your typical CPA on the stand. Jack thrives on dealing with the public; he's very comfortable in a courtroom environment and that shows on the stand."
(Angela Miller, Attorney At Law)

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